Thursday, 11 June 2015

Terror tweet, threatening to blow up Mumbai's 5 start hotel, traced to Chennai

The city police have traced the origin of a terror tweet, sent to two five star hotels in Chennai and Mumbai, in Chennai. The suspect, a 22-year-old Business Administration graduate, had on March 30 this year tweeted, "the hotel deserves to be bombed". The Chennai police have been informed about the suspect for further action.

The tweet was tagged to a hotel in Chennai and a south Mumbai hotel. "After getting information we started working on the case. A team of cyber crime investigation cell (CCIC) from Mumbai went to Chennai and traced the suspect. We have informed the Chennai police and they will take further action," said KMM Prasanna, additional police commissioner. The tweet handle, Abhinav@AssistingMessi, created in 2013 was found to be responsible for the terror post. The hotels had informed several security agencies including the intelligence bureau (IB), however, it was the Mumbai CCIC that first cracked the case. During investigation, police requested the twitter to delete the objectionable post, block the handle and scan its earlier activities. "The service provider sent us a list of dynamic internet protocol (IP) addresses. It was difficult to get the right persons who had tweeted this. However, when we studied the dynamic IP, we found same handle was used everywhere. Our team reached the sender's home in Roypettha, Chennai. The youth, Abhinav G, admitted his crime and stated that he had done this for fun. He further told us that he was chatting to someone else through twitter and during that he had sent this," an officer added.

"He told us that he was searching on the internet and found the email addresses of the two hotels and information about them. We have submitted investigation related documents to the assistant commissioner of police, Range Gunday division in Chennai. Email accounts and conversations of Abhinav, only child of his parents, were also scanned to establish his credentials.

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